What is Takemusu Aiki?

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According to Kanshu Sunadomari Sensei, 9th Dan and the Founder of Manseikan Aiki Dojo in Kumamoto, Japan, that Osensei received the revelation from God sometime in 1942. However, in just what form and how this revelation was passed on to him are not precisely know. The word Takemusu was among the many signs given to Osensei from Sarutahiko O-kami (the gods that serve as guardians for the community). By taking a look at a few of these revelation, perhaps we can attempt to awaken ourselves to the deeper meaning behind them …...........

In the past and present, there has been but one person given the special seat of Takemusu no Bu. By mean of the spirit, thou must resolve and endeavor to accomplish this mission that thou hast been blessed with.

Having completely withdrawn yourself from the system and practice of martial arts based on the lower self, and in that year of retirement having undergone your destiny of receiving the mission of takemusu from God, you must discard the lower self, dedicate yourself to mastering the higher self, and appreciate the art of takemusu.

Unarmed battle is the enlivenment of the spirit; mastery of the art of takemusu begins here.

Break old forms and craft new forms free of form. Continuously giving birth to new forms generated in response to the situation at hand, this is the heart of takemuau. Harmoniously connecting with nature and universal ki is essential.

Takemusu is the generation of spontaneous martial techniques by remaining in accordance with the power and structure of nature. It is constantly giving birth to new creations.

All people, give the spirit of love to the void and embrace everything ! This is takemusu.

Even with a seed, if the earth does not absorb love, there will be no growth. Therefore, link the original vast ki of love, and through the ki of love of takemusu, give birth to techniques. The result will not be a temporary mechanism, but the birth of the power of divine techniques.

Being trapped by the values of the lower self, feeling restlessness, confusion of the heart, obsession with material things, being vexed by worldly cares – all of these have nothing to do with takemusu.

The essence of takemusu is the creation of infinite, universal variation in accordance with the law of Heaven and Earth.

The art of takemusu emphasizes spirit over form. Fundamentally, giving life to the spirit, through matial arts, will link your spirit to the love of the Great God.

We must break from set form, create, generate, and evolve. Takemusu is both vast and subtle.

When teaching the martial arts, make sure to speak in terms of takemusu.

The true martial art is that which reveals the meaning of takemusu.

For takemusu, you must have true freedom of will. The lower self will reach its limits.

Giving rise to the spirit : with freedom, it has no limits. This is the secret of takemusu. The secret of martial arts has no set form; instead it is giving free rein to the spirit. This is the secret.

Do away with set forms. With the mastery of spirit as your highest principle, pour your heart and soul into the art of takemusu, and seek the truth. If you waver from making the spirit the center of your existence, all techniques and movements are of no use.

Because the lower self is essential for the physical body, because revelation of the true and activation of the spirit are expressed through the lower self, and because the body and spirit become one and give birth to change in the martial arts, the lower self cannot be dismissed. However, although I command you to reverse the lower self's precedence over the spirit and to correct this contradiction, do not take this to mean that the lower self is unnecessary, The lower self is of definite importance.

Until today, there was no one given the divine mission through the martial arts; as Ueshiba Osensei, be moved to tears and devote yourself.